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Understanding Cannabis Bud Rot: Causes and Prevention

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In every indoor and outdoor growing medium, bud rot (botrytis) affects the buds of plants with the help of fungus.

It blocks the transmission of useful nutrients to your plants. Due to lack of nutrients and water, it ruins the entire plant.

The stem of a plant bud is the initial part of this fungus. This becomes difficult to identify in the first stage. The bud bot shows a white colour for the first time, then turns gray and black in the end.

It can be prevented if we take care of it in the beginning stage. And if the rot spreads, it can be recovered. In this blog, you will get to learn about bud rots, their symptoms, causes and preventions.

Appearance of Bud Root (Symptoms)

It is very difficult to disclose rot in the initial phase. In the first stage, the stem of the plant displays fungus that expands to different parts. Sometimes, detecting the rot at the initial stage becomes difficult, and then it is too late to be aware. You have to identify the cracks in the bud at the fungus area.

Gray patches or yellow leaf signs will be seen then. After these signs, you will see a spider web-like shape in white colour. A mod will appear in the buds’ centre due to less airflow.

After this, you can detect white spores on your plant. If the plant leaves show brown or black dots, it curls them.

Following are the rot symptoms:

  • Stems in Gray, Mushy Colouration
  • Yellow Leaves
  • Curled Leaves
  • Leaves with Spots
  • Fungus
  • Brown Buds
  • Black Spots

Remember! Always move the plants carefully to another place for quarantine because they are very sensitive. The rot can easily be moved through the air to other plants. Furthermore, while planting a new plant, always check whether its seedlings are suitable for planting.


The biggest impact on rots is due to humidity at high levels. Usually, a humidity level of 40-60% is required as a suitable condition to avoid rot. Cannabis plants need proper air ventilation for the best growth. In poor air, the chance of rot will be higher. Indoor growing setups always prove to be best for these conditions.

Remember! You can apply different tools to verify the humidity levels of different conditions.

Other causes of rot in plant buds are as follows:

  • Optimum Temperature
  • Thick Plants
  • Bud Plants in Large Size
  • High-Level Humidity
  • Grow Areas with Insufficient HVAC

Managing humidity levels to prevent rot is difficult in the outer setting. Because it is impossible to control dew and rain, which makes day and night saturated.

Reason for Buds Molding

Reason for Buds Molding

All the cannabis plants grow gradually in indoor and outdoor conditions. Initially, the bud grows outwardly from the stem. In the first stage, rot is not visible, but with time, it darkens and molds the buds. This is the high time you can pull out contaminated parts of your plants.

Are the Rots Dangerous for Humans?

Yes, it is dangerous for humans to some extent. If a human is fully exposed to any condition with mild rot in buds, it can have major side effects. But it is also possible to handle the conditions to prevent fungus from the plant.

Can We Smoke the Rot?

It is often believed that rot has no major side effects on human health. But the advisors say it is better to avoid. It is not risky stuff for healthy people, but it can be unbearable for them. Here are some common symptoms shown after rot infection:

  • Vomiting
  • Irritating Taste
  • Coughing
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Fatigue

Here are some severe symptoms shown by people with weak immune systems:

  • Sinus Headache
  • Lungs Inflammation
  • Sinusitis
  • Lungs Wheezing

Are Bud Rots Contagious?

The rots are like an epidemic, which takes no time to spread. The transformation of spores to Airborne grows rot.

Initial Symptom of Bud Rots

If you catch gray or dark dots in the plant stem with rot on its outward, this is the initial sign of rot.

Can We Save the Buds?

Quarantine is the best option to save buds from rot when you move the plant in a controlled environment.

How to Prevent from Mold on Bud?

After quarantine, the best option for preventing mold on buds is using Neem oil (hydrogen peroxide). This is considered to be the safest way.

End Molding in Grow Room

How to End Molding in Grow Room?

The measures to end molding in grow areas are as follows:

  • Isolation of mold crop
  • Keep food and drinks away from the growing area.  
  • Keep the temperature high
  • Trim lower leaves for better air ventilation
  • Shake the plants to remove excessive moisture
  • Keep checks on plants daily

How to Prevent Drying Buds Mold?

Only a few methods are available to prevent mold on drying buds. Here are some suggestions:

  • Check humidity levels
  • Use LED Lights
  • Air Circulation

How to Avoid Curing Buds Mold?

The following are the best ways to prevent mold on curing buds:

  • Clean Jars
  • Keep checks on buds
  • Jars Burping Regularly

Wrap Up

We have shared a very clear understanding of bud rots regarding their symptoms and causes. With the help of this information, it will be very easy for you to cultivate marijuana in any condition.

Follow all the guidelines and grow the best of your choice!

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