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Our Soil Recipe

Organic Super Soil Recipe

Our All-Organic Soil is designed on a molecular level to be the perfect growing medium. Derived from:
  1. Milled Epsom Salt
  2. Blood Meal
  3. Humic Acid
  4. Fish meal
  5. Worm Castings
  6. CoCo Coir
  7. Pacific Oyster Shells
  8. Bat Guano
  9. Azomite with Rare Earth Elements – Zinc, Boron, Copper, Cobalt, Iodine, Manganese
  10. Mycorrhiza
  11. Dolomite
  12. Organic Perlite
  13. Cold Water Crab Shells
  14. California Kelp
  15. Peat Moss
  16. Organic potting grow mix
  17. California Volcanic Red Rock
  18. Steamed Bone Meal

Also included (dependent on the product): Epsom salts, Red Rock, Phosphate silts (Premium Potting mix and Peat moss).