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Nutrient Shot

Living Soil Technology
For Your Successful Grow

(just add to soil medium, make sure to shake well before use)

1-Billion Microbes in a Bottle

100% Living and breathing nutrients to fast-track your grow to the next level.

100% Organic

Made of the best ingredients.

Biologically Designed

To deliver premium results.


Enhance your living soil's nutrients and microbes.

Growth Shot - Organic Ingredients
concentrate diagram
Just add water and Cali Super Soil Boost Shot

100% Made in California

1. Add 8oz per feed directly to your plant’s topsoil: 8oz per 5 Gallons of Potting mix.

2. Add Cali Super Soil SHOT to the top of the soil before watering.

3. Add an extra 20oz of water after feeding to water plants.

4. Repeat every 45-days.


Water every 4 to 6 days or more often as required during blooming stage. Water at PH level 6.5-7.2 is recommended. Do not overwater.


Don’t keep pots on a cold floor. Night temperatures below 63° F should be avoided.


Nutrient Growth Shot

$24.97 $22.99

California Super Soil
California Super Soil