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Mission Statement  - Our Story of California Super Soil

An organic start to life. Quality and research bound our product and its success.

Understanding our history is the best way to get to know our product!

HOW: California Super Soil came into existence through a personal journey in an attempt to participate in the 2017 World Cannabis Cup. Although the end goal of participation in the annual competition never came to fruition, the research in preparation was what led to the birth of Cali Super Soil!

In our search for the perfect cannabis grow, we realized that nutrient-rich soil with living microbes is required for each stage of the plant’s growth cycle in order to achieve a bountiful harvest that is still 100% organic.

Through 18-months of extensive research, testing, and constant refining, we were able to create the perfect, nutrient-enhanced, super soil mixture. We built our artisan soil products to satisfy your plant’s needs down to the molecular level. Our 60-day fermentation period allows microbes to flourish in the soil to help your soil self-regulate and prevent nutrient burn to your plant from overfeeding. Quality organic ingredients in your soil make great, flavorful plants! The production of California Super Soil is comparable to the standard of French cuisine; passionate chefs demand the highest quality ingredients for their dish down to the last detail, even including the diet of the livestock they’ll be serving. Thus, to grow the highest quality plants, we aspired to build the finest nutrient blend which will, in turn, determine the quality and taste of your grow.

SuperSoil Package

WHY: After the extensive research was complete, we had many of our friends and fellow growers test our products for months, going through multiple grow cycles to find the perfect blend. We are happy to share, with great pride, what we had made with our friends in the lab. After giving away our extra soil, we received a flood of positive feedback. The requests began to far outnumber the amount of soil we were able to produce on our own. We launched Cali Super Soil in order to keep up with the growing amount of requests for our soil. The name California Super Soil describes the ingredients included in the mix, all sourced from the highest quality vendors in California. The soil continues to prove itself in the growing community, largely popular among both home cultivators and commercial farmers.If you’re going to invest 4 months in a grow, it is extremely important to consider your growing medium, making sure you’re feeding your plant with the best nutrients in optimal concentrations in order to produce a great tasting, bountiful, organic yield