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The Best Soil & NutrientsNature Has To Offer

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To Grow the best Rx Products, You Need the Best Soil and Nutrients.

CaliSuperSoil is a nutrient-rich artisanal soil that’s been formulated through years of research and development, resulting in a final blend unmatched by others. Our 18+ nutrient blend ensures that plants get off to the right start, then continue growing strong right up to harvest.

Other products are manufactured using processed ingredients that cannot be properly absorbed into the soil.


CaliSuper Soil contains all the nutrients your medical or vegetive plants will ever need.

How We Got to Be The BEST SUPER SOIL

Superior ingredients: We source the highest-quality nutrients mother earth has to offer.

An artisanal process: We steam-blow our base soil to increase purity. This small attention to detail ensures a superior end product.

Aging: Other soils are tossed together and shipped out. We ferment our mix for four months so that the nutrients are properly bonded with the soil. You want the “good stuff” working on your plants!

Hand-crafting: Who knew soil could be hand-crafted? Well, it is – as opposed to machines in a warehouse, our soil is hand-turned by experienced farmers who know how to cultivate the best soil.

Delivers 120% More Nutrients to Your Plant's Roots than Potting Soil Alone

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Don’t Waste Your Time!

If you’re going to invest 4 months of your time and efforts in a grow, it is extremely important to make sure you use the best possible growing mediums available. Always making sure you’re feeding your plants with the best nutrients in optimal concentrations in order to produce the greatest tasting, bountiful, and organic yield

Natural Products


Super Soil

California Super Soil Large Kit


California Super Soil Pack


California Super Soil Starter Kit


California Super Soil


Super Soil Concentrate and Nutrient Shot

Concentrate Super Soil 5lbs


Concentrate Super Soil 3.5lbs


Concentrate Super Soil 2.5lbs


Nutrient Growth Shot



Customer success stories

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Awesome that sounds amazing. Only had my plants in the mix for 2 or 3 days and can already see a huge improvement.
Dee Tibbs
Dee Tibbs
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The products are great and the customer service is even better. The soil is easy to use and arrived in time and contacting the seller is easy to do for any questions or concerns. Overall, just great company.
Aryca Wiesen
Aryca Wiesen
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This soil is easy to use, and seriously eliminates the need to fertilize during a grow at all! This is the second time I've purchased it, and I bought a lot more this time because I know it's a quality product!
Footnote: on occasion we will swap in and out suitable premium Ingredient – this is primarily driven by seasonally available of product items because our super soil products contains items that have a season harvest to them (this intern will never compromise the quality of the super soil products we provide).

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