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OFTEN OVERLOOKED, the soil is one of the most important aspects of any growth. Just like it is for any other organism, a balanced diet is extremely important for your plant’s health. Optimal nutrient ratios and concentrations in California Super Soil nourish your plant and allow for a bountiful, organic grow!

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Best living super soils available: Fermented for added nutrients

  • BEST SUPER SOIL: To grow the best, you need the top planting soil. Our new California Hot Soil is all you need for the best growing results without using any harsh chemicals. A nutrient rich artisanal soil formulated throughout the years in research and development to result in a final blend unmatched by others.
  • GOOD LIVING SOIL TECHNOLOGY: All growers will love the living soil technology of California Hot Soil since there is no need for advanced nutrients or plant food ever for your vegetable garden. Simply add soils media and regular tap water and that’s it!
  • ORGANIC SOIL MIX: Most other indoor plant food and garden soil products are manufactured using process ingredients that cannot be properly absorbed into the soil, unlike ours. The 18+ nature’s nutrient blend ensures your vegetable plants get off to the right start and then continue growing strong right up to harvest.
  • MADE EASY GARDEN SOIL MIX: Fermented for just over 2 months allows microbes to begin breaking down amendments and cycling them into plant forms. This prevents any burning from the soil to make certain the best possible growth with our indoor growing soil blend in your indoor garden.
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As Easy As 1...2...3!

California Super Soil Large Kit


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California Super Soil


Super Soil Concentrate

Premium 100% Organic Super Soil finely ground concentrate, 18+ Nutrient Blend – No Need for Nutrients or Plant Food Ever
  • CONCENTRATED STRENGTH: Mix the organic concentrate with your soil medium to give your plants what they need to flourish. With just a single 5 lb. bag, you can create up to 30 gallons of Living Super Soil! 100% more concentrated than leading brands with active microbes, shown to increase plant uptake of vital nutrients, such as phosphorus.
  • LIVING SOIL TECHNOLOGY: Our concentrate is fermented, allowing microbes to begin breaking down amendments into forms that can be absorbed by your plants. Multiple scientific studies have shown these microbes increase plant uptake of vital nutrients, such as phosphorus, and improve soil aggregation. This regulation also helps prevent any potential nutrient burn to your plant!

Concentrated Premium Super Soil

Concentrate Super Soil 5lbs


Concentrate Super Soil 3.5lbs


Concentrate Super Soil 2.5lbs


Super Soil Nutrient Shot

To boost a show with a single 100% organic nutrient Grow shot – Deliver all the nutrients need to enhance your Grow in a simple single application
  • GROW BOOSTER: 100% natural, organic, eco-friendly, Non-GMO product
  • Highest performing ingredients in the field with microbes algae that is full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
  • Naturally boosts plant health by replenishing the soil as plants grow and using the nutrients in the soil
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Living Soil technology for your successful Grow

Nutrient Growth Shot


PreMixed Super Soil Pots

These premixed pots have 5 sophisticated soil and nutrient layers to meet the needs of your plant and root development.

All you need to do is add your seed or clone to the premixed pot and water as prescribed for the perfect grow. These premium Premixed pots have been designed and hand filled by gardening experts for flawless growing and to deliver great results and big yields every time.

If you’re going to invest 3-months on a home grow undertaking, then the soil and nutrient solution you use should be at the heart of your grow and should be of the best quality you can lay your hands on. Our Premixed pots are built without compromise. They deliver only the best results to you and your plants.down amendments and cycling them into plant forms. This will also prevent any burning from the soil.

Perfect Growing Setup

PreMixed Super Soil
3 Gallon Pot


PreMixed Super Soil
5 Gallon Pot


PreMixed Super Soil
7 Gallon Pot