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How to Grow Weed in Your Closet: Complete Guide

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An inexperienced grower asked, “Can cannabis grow in the closet?”

The answer is yes, and it can be grown properly. Growing weeds inside the closets is the same as weeds in the grow room. To have good cannabis growth in the closet, the requirement of a suitable environment for growing cannabis in a closet is the same as for growing a tent. It can grow perfectly if you put reasonable effort into caring for it.

An empty closet can come in handy. This can help you conceal the cannabis plant from everyone. The closet is functional, and other almirahs can also come in handy. All almirahs have the same method for growing perfect weed. The closet size should be perfect according to the size of the plant you intend to grow. Before we jump on how to grow weed in a closet, let’s first look at its aspects.

What is a Closet Grow?

It is a closet where plants are kept for growing. Numerous people don’t have space in their homes for plants. So they use the closet for this purpose. It helps to grow faster and healthier. You can purchase an empty closet or use the one you aren’t using to grow weeds indoors.

Difference Between Closet Grow, Grow Tent, and Grow Room

1. Closet Grow

A closet used for growing plants and has a small capacity.

2. Grow Tent

A grow tent is used for growing plants, and the capacity depends upon the size of the tent.

3. Grow Room

A room where plants are kept to grow, and most grow rooms are larger than grow tents and closets.

Advantages of Grow Weed in Closet

Advantages of Grow Weed in Closet

1. Huge Money Saver

If you want to grow cannabis plants indoors, then you might use the grow tent, but the worst part is the requirement: it’s a considerable cost spent with money.

Growing weed in the closet is the best way to save money. Another reason the closet is cheap is that no high-level technologies are required for growth. Light and a fan should do the trick.

2. Useful in Hiding

It is helpful for a person in a country where keeping cannabis plants is against the law or for concealing from others. The closet is beneficial because it has a door that covers the cannabis plant, making it difficult for others to observe.

3. Controlling Plant Growth

It is easy to take control of the growing of plants in a closet. With this authority, you can get excellent results in plant growth. Authority over plant growth includes the temperature, humidity, light intensity, etc. If you compare places for controlling the growth of weed, the closet is the easiest because it has the smallest space.

The probability of controlling the growth of the cannabis plant is reliable in space. The smaller the space, the more the chance you get to control.

Number of Possible Cannabis Plants Grown in a Closet

You can grow indoor weed in a closet as much as you want, according to its size. The bigger the size, the more plants grow. Similarly, the smaller the size, the number of plants reduces.

We suggest growing not more than two plants of almost every size in a closet. Growing more than two plants will lead to the imperfection of growth due to a particular space in the closet.

Factors Required for Weed Grown in Closet

Factors Required for Weed Grown in Closet

This is where your interest will develop. There are so many factors that contribute to growing weed in a closet, but a few are mentioned below:

1. Space in Closet

Inspecting the space in the closet is the first and most important step before proceeding. Think about a closet of a specific size that is sufficient for the size of growing weed. Get a bigger closet if you want the space to grow more plants.

This can not only increase its capacity but also make the setup easier. Make sure to check its length and width for proper cannabis plant growth. Height is required to set up the lights. So be sure to get a closet whose height can fit the plant’s growth and the lights.

2. Lights for Growing

Light is the main source for growing indoor weeds. A small closet can provide sufficient light for small plants. Specific intensity and particular kinds of light are required for healthy growth.

The best way to grow weeds in a closet is to use LED lights that produce the right intensity for a specific plant. LED lights contain the UV-B spectrum, something that plants need. Lights other than LEDs don’t have a UV-B spectrum. So these lights are useless to the plants.

Normal LED lights don’t discharge a lot of heat. Smart LED lights are the best option for providing both heat and UV-B spectrum light. They have three benefits: temperature, intensity, and light spectrum. Each growing stage requires different sorts of light.

3. Spot Types for Growing

When you have to place seeds for growing plants, you have two options: to place them on soil or hydroponics.

If you are knowledgeable about hydroponics, you can use something similar to hydroponics to grow cannabis in the closet. Hydroponics has an advantage because it helps plants consume the required nutrients. This can lead to growing plants at a fast pace, and this can develop big flowers.

Soil can also be used in this situation. If the soil is of high quality, it can give plants enough nutrients. You won’t be anxious about the excessive amount of nutrients a specific plant consumes. Fertilizers and organic supplements are the perfect ingredients to improve soil health. In terms of soil, a growing pot in a closet is the best solution.

4. Watering Routine

Water is also a main source of improvement in plant growth. Plants are thirsty like humans, so they need water to live. Plants need an ample amount of water to consume. To ensure that the exact amount of water is provided to the plants, there should be no shortage or surplus of water. This can block the growth process and negatively affect the plants.

To water the plants in the closet, check the closet size to determine the adequate amount of water. Providing less or more than the exact amount needed will become impossible.

5. Controlling of Odor

Cannabis has a discomforting smell, and the smell increases as it starts to grow. You need to take action to control odors, and the best way to do that is by using a carbon filter, which attracts the smell and traps it in its filter.

Procedures for Growing Weed Plants in the Closet

Now, after completing the requirements for the factors, you have to use these steps to set up the plants for growing in the closet:

  1. First, clean your closet completely from every side and remove all dirt.
  2. Use the white paint to paint the interior side of the closet and cover the paint with duct tape.
  3. Set up the lights and fans.
  4. Install the carbon filter if necessary for smell removal.
  5. Use a medium (soil or hydroponics) that is suitable for plants.
  6. Experiment to see whether it works fine or not.
  7. After the test goes well, place the growing pot in a closet for the growth of plants.

Wrap Up

If growing cannabis plants is illegal, it would be difficult to grow anywhere except in the closet. Growing weed inside the closet is the best way to make it secure. That means you won’t be able to get caught when you conceal the cannabis plant in the closet.

Another benefit is that it permits you to grow plants faster and healthier. Fill the requirements of the factors and follow the steps mentioned above to grow a cannabis plant.

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