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How to Use The Super Soil Autoflower Concentrate? 

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Growing plants is fun. It can be a super tiring journey at the same time. However, things may have gotten a lot more interesting with this new town soil.

Super Soil Autoflower Concentrate stands out as a specialized organic soil amendment crafted especially for the unique needs of autoflowering cannabis varieties. This magical potion comprises organic matter, essential nutrients, and beneficial microbes in a concentrated formula.

This soil is no less than a dreamy tool for seasoned cultivators. It is vital to achieving maximal growth and maximizing yields. This autoflower concentrate is a complete nutrient source for growth and development.

Let’s dive into learning about its full potential and figure out how to use it for maximizing outputs!

Understanding Autoflowering Plants

Autoflowering plants are now a familiar concept. It is a specific variety of plants that switches from the vegetative to the flowering stage on its own without requiring any light stage.

They begin flowering after approximately 2-4 weeks after the germination period, irrespective of the lighting they receive.

Do Autoflowers Do Well in Super Soil?

Autoflowers are robust plants, adaptive to various soils, but a superior quality soil concentrate can optimize their growth like no other. This concentrate, mixed with standard soil, provides essential nutrients throughout the plant’s life.

Avoid using synthetic nutrients, as natural methods are preferable for cannabis cultivation. Just as you prioritize natural ingredients in food, the same principle applies to growing cannabis

How to Make the Best Autoflowering Soil

How to Make the Best Autoflowering Soil

The success of any soil hinges on the quality and composition of its ingredients. Super soil autoflower mixture typically comprises a blend of organic materials.

Have a look at the list for the best nutrients for autoflower in soil:

Component  Quantity 
High-quality organic potting soil 6-8 bags (1 CF each)
Worm castings 2 bags (1 CF each)
Quality compost 1 bag (1-1.5 CF)
Pertile, rice hulls, or lava rock (Aeration) 2 CF
Biochar ½ CF
Bloom bat guano (High P) 120 ml
Bat guano (High N) 120 ml
Fish bone meal (N+P) 240 ml
Feather meal 120 ml
Rock phosphate 60 ml
Gypsum 120 ml
Granular humic acid (Nutrient Uptake) 30 ml
Oyster shell flour 240 ml
Neem cake (Insect Control) 120 ml

Note: All nutrient measurements in ml indicate the amount of substance to be used per 1CF of the mix.

Once you have all the required ingredients, here is the trusted process. Begin by distributing the soil evenly and giving it a good mix after adding every ingredient. Once you have added all auto flower nutrients, cover the mixture with a tarp and let it rest for 24 hours. This step, known as ‘cooking the soil,’ guarantees a thorough blend that helps support your plant.

How to Utilize the Prepared Concentrate

How to Utilize the Prepared Concentrate?

1. Preparation

If you are a beginner, work with a lesser soil quantity to avoid mistakes. Half a gallon of soil will be enough if you plan to grow a few plants for personal use.

Now select a handy container and fill it with concentrate. However, make sure you leave adequate depth for root development.

2. Watering

Before you sow the seed for germination or place the plant for growth, ensure the soil is well-moistened. This avoids any microbial growth, which could adversely affect your plant. Avoid over-watering as well, which leads to waterlogged conditions and root rot.

3. Planting

Plant your autoflower gently in the soil bed and ensure ample spacing between each. This provides proper light penetration and airflow that helps the plants grow well.

4. Light and Temperature

Even though the light stage is skipped, autoflowers directly jump onto the flowering stage from the vegetative one. However, for further growth, it requires an adequate amount of light.

Similarly, the temperature range for autoflowers varies in different phases. They grow best in 75F to 83F in the vegetative stage and 73F to 79F in their flowering phase.

5. Nutrient Management

Thanks to the nutrient-rich composition of this useful product that works even with minimal supplementation is now required in the growing stage.

Monitor nitrogen levels regularly, as excess can destroy small plants.

6. Pest and Disease Control

As mentioned above, add neem oil to avoid insecticide growth. Maintain a sanitary environment to prevent pest infections and bacterial growth.

7. Harvesting

During the flowering stage of your autoflower plants, it’s necessary to keep a close eye on the development of trichomes and the production of resin to make sure the best time for harvesting.

Benefits of Using the AutoFlower Concentrate

  • Convenience: You avoid the hassle of measuring and mixing nutrients
  • Organic: Made with all-natural ingredients so you can be sure you are not adding any harmful chemicals
  • Improved yields: Can help your plants grow bigger and stronger

Wrap Up

Soil selection is crucial to cultivating plants, especially when considering autoflowers. This concentrate offers a convenient and effective solution for giving these plants the essential nutrients for growth. Accurate use of soil will elevate your gardening process. Follow this guide to enjoy a successful yield!

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