Nutrient Growth Shot (2 Pack)



SUPER SOIL GROWTH SHOT: Our California Super Soil Growth shot is made of the best nutrients sourced locally here in California. The Growth Shot provides a boost of nutrients to your vegging plants at the midpoint of the grow.

The shot includes over 18 different organic nutrients that have been turned into a slurry using filtered water. After the slurry is mixed the PH is carefully adjusted to the perfect range for your plants using food grade PH additives. The perfect nutrient supplement solution for every type of home grower!

To boost a grow with a single 100% organic nutrient Grow shot – Deliver all the nutrients need to enhance your Grow in a simple single application

  • Grow Booster: 100% natural, organic, eco-friendly, Non-GMO product
  • Highest performing ingrediency is field with microbes algae that is full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
  • Naturally boosts plant health by replenishing the soil as plants grow and using the nutrients in the soi


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