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Cali Super Soil Liquid Trio Pack

Unlock the full potential of your hydroponic garden with our exclusive Cali Super Soil Hydro and Soil Liquid Trio Pack, featuring Cali Sun Kiss, Pure Veg, and Big Bloom—the perfect trifecta for unparalleled plant growth and development.

Crafted specifically for discerning results-focused gardeners, this convenient three-pack combines our top liquid fertilizers to provide a comprehensive solution for vigorous growth, multiple bud development, and abundant fruit.

Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or just starting out, our trio of formulas work harmoniously together to nurture your plants from seedling to harvest.

$62.96 or $58.24 every 2 months

Introducing the Cali Super Soil and Hydro Liquid Trio Pack: Your Ultimate Hydroponic and Soil growing Solution.

For optimal results, consult the Cali Super Soils Feeding Schedule and complement your nutrient regimen. Together, these products create a synergy that elevates your garden to new heights of vitality and abundance.

Our liquid Nutrients work great with Hydroponic and Soil grows alike!

But why settle for anything less than the best? We understand that our customers demand superior quality and performance, which is why our formulas are meticulously crafted with the absolute best and most potent nutrients and ratios. Utilizing advanced carrier molecules, our formulas ensure maximum nutrient uptake in the shortest amount of time, resulting in more color, aroma, size, and potency from your plants.

In fact, renowned Grand Master Growers have hailed our Products from Cali Super soil as the gold standard in nutrient development. Our 3-pack is offering advanced customization, ease of use, and exceptional performance—all in an all-in-one convenient package. Experience the difference with the Cali Super Soil Liquid Trio Pack and join the ranks of elite growers who trust our formulas to deliver exceptional results every time.


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