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Coco Nutrient Grow Kit

The perfect Coco Core & Concentrate Nutrient pack to turn your grow into a jungle. Our cultivation experts developed this grow kit to focus on its ability to deliver large yields and strong plant performance.

$98.95 or $91.53 every 2 months

Cali Super Soil Liquid Trio Pack:
Unlock the full potential of your hydroponic garden with our exclusive Cali Super Soil Hydro and Soil Liquid Trio Pack, featuring Cali Sun Kiss, Pure Veg, and Big Bloom—the perfect trifecta for unparalleled plant growth and development!

Total: x3 1-Quart Bottles; x1 Cali Sun Kiss, x1 Pure Veg, and x1 Big Bloom

Crafted specifically for discerning results-focused gardeners, this convenient three-pack combines our top liquid fertilizers to provide a comprehensive solution for vigorous growth, multiple bud development, and abundant fruit.

Coco Core & Concentrate Grow Bags 2 Gallon:
This intern makes your grow bag (growing environment) some 800% more nutrient-dense than regular potting soil!
Each Coco Core Grow Bag is packed with over 18 essential elements including bat guano, blood and bone meal, worm castings, crab shells, kelp, and more. This nutrient-rich blend reduces the need for external supplements, ensuring your plants have everything they need for robust growth and vibrant health.

Total x6 Coco Core & Concentrate Grow Bags 2 Gallon

Hydroponics Rapid Rooter plugs are fortified with general hydroponic micronutrients for abundant root growth. The optimal air-to-water ratio within the plug matrix results in explosive early root growth.

Total: x6 Nutrient filled plugs.

Premium 100% Organic Super Soil finely ground concentrate, 18+ Nutrient Blend – No Need for extra Nutrients or Plant Food Ever.

Total: x1 5LB bag

California Super Liquid Trio Pack – Quart size (x3), California Super Coco-Core & Concentrate – 2 Gallon Bags (x6), California Super Soil Concentrate 5lbs bag (x1), Nutrient filled plaugs (x6)


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