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PreMixed Super Soil 3 Gallon Pot

Your shortcut to perfect, bountiful growth!

If you are looking for a foolproof way to a successful harvest, then CaliSuperSoil pots are built for you.

These premixed pots offer the most straightforward introduction to fully organic gardening, 100% foolproof and hassle-free.

All you have to do is add a seed (or clone) into the soil sponge rooter, add water, and watch the magic happen.

These pots are the best home grow solution the industry has to offer when growing at home. Featuring 5 sophisticated soil and nutrient layers to meet the needs of your plant and root development, no matter the stage of growth.

As the plant grows, the nutritional needs of the plant evolve. Seedlings need a much lighter feed than plants deep into the vegetative growth stage. Once flower formation is in full swing, the nutrient levels required once again shift. With CaliSuperSoil pre-mixed pots, your crop is covered from start to finish!

Our 5-layered design ensures optimal root zone ph and nutrient levels for the entirety of the grow, guaranteeing explosive root development and the frostiest flowers imaginable. Every single premium pre-mixed pot is hand filled by our horticulture experts to ensure optimal plant health throughout the entire grow, delivering great results and monster yields every single time.

CaliSuperSoil premixed pots contain the highest quality soil amendments and nutrients available. There are many factors that go into a successful grow, but providing the best substrate packed with the most bio-available nutrients will massively boost your chances of producing a successful yield overflowing with the tastiest, densest, and frostiest flowers imaginable.

Why take any chances using less-than-perfect pre-mixed pot options?

Getting your crop from seed to harvest comes with a minimum time and effort investment of 3 months (and usually a little longer, depending on the strain). Give your plants and yourself the best possible chance of cultivation success!

The growing substrate (and the nutrients it delivers) are at the true heart of any grow. With CaliSuperSoil pre-mixed pots, you can sit back and relax with the knowledge that your precious plants are receiving optimal nutrition throughout their entire growth cycle, with no need to worry about adding any amendments. Our premixed pot options make nutrient issues a thing of the past.

Available in 3 convenient sizes to suit any garden size, indoor or out.

Better Soil = Better Results = CaliSuperSoil

$53.99$330.95 or from $49.94$306.13 every 2 months


Our soil is some 800% more nutrient dense than simple potting soil. We have included all the nutrients you need for your entire grow within our soil. California Super Soil is primarily a heavily nutrient infused soil that removed the need to add external nutrients to your grow. Our Super Soil delivers a perfect turn-key grow solution for the most damaging of cannabis plants.

Cali Super Soil is by far one of the best nutrient-enriched soils for your plants. We have taken the initiative to search the best valleys in the state of California for optimal nutrient requirements. While our competitors only provide the basic hardware to grow, our formula for growing is the only one that gives the grower EVERYTHING they need for their perfect first grow!

Hydroponics Rapid Rooter plugs are fortified with general hydroponic micronutrients for abundant root growth. The optimal air-to-water ratio within the plug matrix results in explosive early root growth.

Premium 100% Organic Super Soil finely ground concentrate, 18+ Nutrient Blend – No Need for Nutrients or Plant Food Ever.

To boost a show with a single 100% organic nutrient Grow shot – Deliver all the nutrients need to enhance your Grow in a simple single application.

Everything above is carefully packed into our PreMixed pots. Our team of professional gardeners hand-tills each layer of soil and then carefully adds it into the pots layer by layer. Our PreMix pots currently come in 3, 5, and 7 gallon premium fabric pots. The pots are then covered and vacuum sealed to stay fresh for months. The best nutrient solution there is!

Amount of Pots

1 Pack – $57.95, 2 Pack – $110.95, 6 Pack – $330.95


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