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PreMixed Super Soil 5 Gallon Pot

5 Gallon PreMixed Super Soil

These pots are the best home grow solution the industry has to offer and are fault-proof when growing at home. These premixed pots have 5 sophisticated soil and nutrient layers to meet the needs of your plant and root development.

These Grow pots are made of the highest quality soils and nutrients available. Remember, what your plants grows in and the nutrients it utilizes during the grow are “by far” the most important part of a successful grow / yield, taste, texture and structure.

All you need to do is add your seed or clone to the premixed pot and water as prescribed for the perfect grow. These premium Premixed pots have been designed and hand filled by gardening experts for flawless growing and to deliver great results and big yields every time.

If you’re going to invest 3-months on a home grow undertaking, then the soil and nutrient solution you use should be at the heart of your grow and should be of the best quality you can lay your hands on. Our Premixed pots are built without compromise. They deliver only the best results to you and your plants.down amendments and cycling them into plant forms. This will also prevent any burning from the soil.

$71.20$455.95 or from $65.86$421.75 every 2 months


Our soil is some 800% more nutrient dense than simple potting soil. We have included all the nutrients you need for your entire grow within our soil. California Super Soil is primarily a heavily nutrient infused soil that removed the need to add external nutrients to your grow. Our Super Soil delivers a perfect turn-key grow solution for the most damaging of cannabis plants.

Cali Super Soil is by far one of the best nutrient-enriched soils for your plants. We have taken the initiative to search the best valleys in the state of California for optimal nutrient requirements. While our competitors only provide the basic hardware to grow, our formula for growing is the only one that gives the grower EVERYTHING they need for their perfect first grow!

Hydroponics Rapid Rooter plugs are fortified with general hydroponic micronutrients for abundant root growth. The optimal air-to-water ratio within the plug matrix results in explosive early root growth.

Premium 100% Organic Super Soil finely ground concentrate, 18+ Nutrient Blend – No Need for Nutrients or Plant Food Ever.

To boost a show with a single 100% organic nutrient Grow shot – Deliver all the nutrients need to enhance your Grow in a simple single application.

Everything above is carefully packed into our PreMixed pots. Our team of professional gardeners hand-tills each layer of soil and then carefully adds it into the pots layer by layer. Our PreMix pots currently come in 3, 5, and 7 gallon premium fabric pots. The pots are then covered and vacuum sealed to stay fresh for months. The best nutrient solution there is!

Amount of Pots

1 Pack – $79.99, 2 Pack – $151.98, 6 Pack – $455.95


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